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Ritzau Finans Premium
 - Danish News
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Ritzau Finans Light
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Free of charge**Free of charge**
Ritzau Finans Light
(excl. flash), Real-time
Free of charge**373,70 DKK
ASX News30 AUD30 AUD
Dow Jones Basic Capital 
Market News
Free of charge**Free of charge**
Dow Jones Basic Equities NewsFree of charge**Free of charge**
Dow Jones News Advanced
Capital Market News
2,00 EUR50,00 EUR
Dow Jones Advanced Equities News2,00 EUR50,00 EUR
Dow Jones News ArabicFree of charge**50,00 EUR
Dow Jones News Australia 
and New Zealand
Free of charge**50,00 EUR
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Dow Jones News FrenchFree of charge**50,00 EUR
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Market News International
FX Bullets
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Market News International
Commodity Bullets
12,00 USD12,00 USD
Oslo Børs NewsFree of charge**Free of charge**
SENS NewsFree of charge**Free of charge**
TDN Finans830 NOK830 NOK
TDN Finans 25 min DelayedFree of charge**Free of charge**
TradingFloor.comFree of charge**Free of charge**​
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Equity Research and Stock Screener​​

Access to the advanced Equity Research and the Stock Screener tools require a subscription.​

​​There are no activation or setup costs, and you may cancel the subscription at any time with no additional charges.

Private Client​

​Institutional Clients

Equity Research & Stock Screener​FREE​​EUR 200.00/Month


The definition of an "Institutional" client is:

 "A holder of a license to act as a financial institution, hereunder but not limited to: investment firms, credit institutions, insurance companies, investment management companies and pension funds and their management companies or a representative of a financial institution."

This definition only applies to Equity Research/Stock Screener subscription.


​Islamic stock screening service

Saxo Bank A/S in collaboration with IdealRatings, Inc., is proud to offer an Islamic Stock Screening service on its SaxoTrader platforms. Based on commonly accepted and transparent Islamic guidelines the screener enables clients to identify and trade Islamic compliant stocks.

More than 12,000 instruments on +25 different exchanges from New York to Tokyo are screened - A global offering in a globalized world.

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  • Maximized Universe Size
    More than 12,000 stocks are screened resulting in a maximized range of Islamic-compliant investment alternatives for traders and investors.
  • Islamic-compliance Credibility
    Increased compliance credibility is ensured through a researched rather than automated screening approach adapted by IdealRatings. Learn more about Islamic Screening
  • Monthly Compliance
    Stocks are screened on a monthly basis to ensure that most recent compliance statuses are used for investment decisions.
  • Integrated Islamic-screening and Trading
    The service offers an integrated solution providing both Islamic-compliance status and trading rather than depending on two isolated providers. This integrated service therefore results in both time and cost reduction.

Islamic Screener disclaimer (Must read)

The list of Islamic compliant securities has been prepared by IdealRatings, Inc. ("IR"), an independent third-party data provider. The list is the result of a screening process carried out by IR on the basis of the Shariyah Review Bureau's ("SRB") Islamic compliance rules, which is subject to regular review by SRB's Islamic board. This data is provided for information purposes only, and Saxo Bank A/S and its affiliates (together, "Saxo") do not express any view or make any representation as to the Islamic compliance of the securities included in this list or of any products or services offered by Saxo in respect of or in connection with any of the securities included in this list. Read full disclaimer


Deense banken moeten beleggingsproducten die zij aan particulieren aanbieden, naar complexiteit en risico classificeren als groen, geel of rood.